Abducted Bride

The words about her beauty had reached all across the kingdoms and jungles. So did the King of the forests hear about her & right away; after a glance, fell in love with her. On her fateful wedding day; he got her abducted & brought her in one of his own forest. The helpless bride, in her protest, vowed never to reveal her face. The king summoned his majestic rabbit and told him do whatever it can to persuade her. After few meetings, with the rabbit's charm and charisma, the bride lost her anger subsequently. But she never broke her vow & only mentioned about her lost love and family to the rabbit.
The king grew impatient with her talks & with all his jealousy, ordered the giant trees to restrict the sunlight on the ground. Since then the forest grew darkest & most vicious. The animals left the forest & smaller plants died without the sunlight. But the king, blinded with his possession & fear of losing her, never saw the doom he was bringing on his own domain.