I am a professional Concept Artist and Illustrator specialized in creating digital and non-digital artworks. I am majorly into providing my expertise directly related to character- building with games, books and indie movies. My major passion is into telling stories (fantasy mainly) through different mediums like games, prints and animations. I do love working on portraits as well which fosters the character building skills.
After going through several disciplines during his career of 15 years in games and animation, I know how to build characters with storytelling elements with the help of 2d and 3d digital tools. I have done extensive research on several key aspects of storytelling that not only includes specializing in certain skills sets but also connecting with the like-minded and heart-beating people.
Previously I have been a part of few game development companies and Design studios like Quicksand Studios, Lakshya Digital, V-Being etc. that are dedicated into art-related projects and have made games with Micorsoft, Yukes, Rockstar Games, EA, and many other AAA and indie game companies.
I hold a BFA in applied arts from College of Art, Delhi and also recently attended classes to learn detailed concept art from Visual Art Passage.
Now I am working on several personal projects as well as few commercials.

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