Bhaskar is a professional Concept and 3d Artist who has been specialized in creating game artworks, Illustrations and 3d artworks. He loves games, illustrations and movies, conceptual art, books and technology. After graduating in Fine Arts with a major in Commercial Art from Delhi College of Art he has worked with several game studios starting with V-Being. Since then he has worked on several off shored projects for big-name developers such as Sony, Icarus (fallen earth), Yukes (WWE), Kuju, RockStar Games and Microsoft Game Studios.

He is a keen user of Photoshop and uses it whenever has a chance to work on Illustrations and Concept development. When he is not in front of his computer he is practising his skills on his sketchbook, learning from nature and surroundings.

For 9 years he has been working as a freelance artist where he has created several small indie games along with concepts and illustrations for books, comics and games.

For his professional CV, please click here.
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